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John-Kun's Journal

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5:34AM - Wow...almost forgot about LiveJournal.

Hello all. Its been a looooong time since I updated on here. Thought id say hi. Not much new, at least from my perspective. Ive been in Egypt for the last 6 months and I got 6 more months to go. I am sooo tired of this place. At least I can visit Israel whenever I want.
Im looking forward to coming home. Sarah and I are planning three days and nights at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino when I get back, in the suite with the hot tub. After that, I'll be driving (yes, driving) the family from Tulsa, Oklahoma where we live, to Gresham, Oregon for an undetermined amount of time for vacation. The drive is gonna suck, but it'll be nice to see my old stomping grounds.
I'm in college now and have been for a while. I finished my term paper for American History the other day, and take my final today. I enrolled for Government next semester as well.
Anyways, I gotta get ready for work. Take care all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5:14PM - ooh, also...

Forgot to mention...On the nerd side of things, I play everquest 2 now (got banned from WoW). In EQ2, I got a Companion Cube the other day! For anyone who has played Portal, this is kick ass. Much more going on on the nerd side of the John, but ill comment later.

5:09PM - EEEP!

Today after Sarah and I went house shopping, we stopped at a shopping center to look around, so we checked out PetSmart first(plus i had to go peepee). Longstory short we ended up adopting a kitten. He's the newest addition to our little family, even if he is tiny and crushable (sniffle). His names Tigger.

In other news, I applied to the county Sherrifs office. With luck i could be back in a uniform soon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

2:59PM - Ooh, good story.

Apparently the worlds smaller than i thought.


Friday, February 6, 2009

4:02AM - WOOOO!!

So, Im finally outta the Army. Just got honorably discharged and am pursuing some job opportunities and some schooling opportunities open to me. God it feels like forever since I've been out, it's almost scary. Sarah and I are planning a trip to Oregon, hopefully itll work out. Anyways, there is plenty more going on but not enough time to type it right now. Gotta do stuff with the family and stay up late playing PS3. I realized i bought waaaaaayy too many games for it while in Iraq. Gotta catch up and beat some of the ones i havent finished but i cant stop beating Metal Gear Solid 4 over and over for unlockables. I WILL GET YOU STEALTH SUIT!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Yawn...Oh yeah, im back in the US now. Hit me up sometime, ill have my cell up sometime today.

Friday, November 14, 2008

2:16PM - Also...

Also, me and about everyone i know over here are totally pissed that Obama won. Thank god for presidential assassins right?

2:00PM - Hey all!

Hiya Everybody! Long time no update, i know. I just wanted to let everybody know i should be back in the states in a week or less. Ill be getting out of the Army around the beginning of January and droppin in to good ol Oregon (just kidding, i hate oregon) to pay a visit. I hope to see as many people as i can while im there because its gonna be one of the last times im in oregon for a long while. Of course my wife is up for convincing, so if she decides she likes it alot there, maybe that will make her wanna move there.
Anyways, im pretty excited about coming home, its been a long and dreadful deployment. Unfortunately lost another guy a couple weeks ago. Fortunately not one of my guys. Im drooling over the thought of my first beer when i come back, gawd i cant wait. Also, just to update, Sarah and I just bought a house and a new car recently. I dont have any pics but from what ive heard its nice. The car ive seen, and its alright. I suppose you cant get exactly what you want when its your wife thats doing the buying (ill stopt there with that cause i could go on and on and on).
Well, as soon as i get back hit me up for my phone number so we can talk. I look forward to seeing you guys again soon.

Your friend (or aquaintance) for a long ass time,

Current mood: chipper

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

7:29PM - Been a While...

Hey all, it's been a while, thought id update. Only a month and a half left over here in beautiful Iraq. About a month after I get back to the states ill be getting out of the army once and for all. Sarah and I are planning a road trip up to Oregon from Oklahoma for a couple weeks in January, so i hope to get to see you guys then. Ill have more to update soon.

Friday, July 11, 2008

4:39PM - Looking for My Doorway To Summer

So, having beaten MGS4 for the 4th time (and, dear God, it is epic ), i find im back to the same old stuff again. Dont really have any games to play, so ive been reading alot. Im back to being hooked on books by Robert Heinlein. I just finished both A Doorway To Summer, and Job:A Comedy Of Justice this week. I love Heinlein books a little too much.
Been stressing about buying a home and a car when i get back. That and im still debating whether i wanna live in Oklahoma or not. Im fine with OK, but still not sure. I absolutely dont want to move to Oregon, though i wanna visit when i get back to the states.
After reading Stephi's awesome idea about passing notebooks around Portland, i thought maybe ill try it here on my FOB. I think, though id personally rather read the portland notebooks, it might be interesting to see what the other soldiers will write. I expect itll prove a failure, but hey, you cant make an omelette...etc.
Anyways, i have to get to cleaning up all this geek residue on my floor. Its been here for weeks from all the MGS4 thats been going on.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

7:02PM - Hmm...Capitalism is an interesting monster

So I was bored and thinking about my options for after the Army one night, when i decided to look into Blackwater Worldwide. Sounds interesting. Obviously not a sure decision, nor one at the top of the list, however it is a venue I didnt consider before, and a lucrative one.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

9:55AM - "In His Last Battle, A Hero Must Stand Alone."

OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 4 days til it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been in a constant state of geekasm for the last 2 weeks!!!!!!! Ladies i can totally sympathize with you in sex now. I am eagerly bouncing in anticipation over Metal Gear Solid 4 (aka- God in video Game form), and having beaten GTA4, I now have nothing to stand in my way. I will be glued to my television for as long as it takes to beat it, ignoring everything else, and i will need at least 2 weeks after i beat for all the time it will take in the fetal position sobbing and repeating "Its finally over!" (hopefully not "What does it all mean?") EEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP!!!!!! Solid Snake! I Wanna have your baby!!!!

Current mood: Explody

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5:56PM - Hiyo!

Hey guys, long time no update. Nothing much new going on here. Been having some minor headaches and memory problems since the accident, also some irritability resulting in major assholeness, but all in all good. Got some pics from the Wedding reception, thought id post em since everybody was yelling at me for them shortly after the wedding.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

11:56PM - My Testimonial

So heres what happened.

the night of the 23rd. Were driving down a dirt road in our MRAP when our patrol has to stop for some reason. Where our truck stopped, we were right on the edge of the road next to a deep irrigation canal, deep with water. I was sitting in the back of it along with two other soldiers and our Terp. We also had our driver, our TC, 1Lt Cunningham, and our gunner up in the turret.
While our truck is stopped on this road next to the canal the road started to give way beneath our vehicles rear tires and the truck began to tip. Our Driver yells, "ROLLOVER, ROLLOVER, ROLLOVER!" After that its a big blur, some horrifying sounds, and the rush of water as it filled the truck in seconds. I was trapped under water with nowhere to go. The whole truck, it seemed, had filled. I struggled for an age for some suface to the water and found none. Thats when it hit me that i was going to die. Everything important to me flashed through my mind, and just before i blacked out, my last though was, "Lord, God, be with me". Just as i finished that thought, my fingertips grazed the surface of water, and i struggled up to air, to find myself and two of my buddies ina tiny airpocket, trapped in the back in pitch black.
Behind us we heard our buddy Bishop coughing and choking for air, and then silence as the water took it. beneath us, the LT was squirming and struggling to find air, the whole timeagainst my leg. I tried to reach for him but couldnt get him. Slowly i felt him stop moving completely.
Getting our wits about us we calmed our breathing, and i found my flashlight i always keep tied to my gear. We got our bearing on where we were in the truck. I had stopped on its side. We heard our fellow soldiers outside trying to rescue us. Eventually they got us out.

Thats what happened to me the other night. I was allowed to live by the grace of God.

Current mood: sad

Thursday, April 24, 2008

8:02PM - Death is a scary thing

I came closer to death last night than ever before in my life. Ill update again in a bit about it. got another debriefing to go to.

Monday, March 31, 2008

8:50AM - Still alive.

well, im still around, but damnit, this deployment is taking too long to end. Ive been constantly busy, running tons of missions, and it still only adds up to days. Im so tired of the army. I cant wait to be out. I cant wait to have a normal job and a normal life again.
Well, in other news, married life is good, at least so far as long distance marriages go. Still trying to buy a house. I will have wedding pics as soon as i get some. In the mean time you can find some of our reception pics onmy wifes Myspace. Just look up Sarah Hester. You can miss it.
Well, i got to get goin. just letting ya know im alive.

Current mood: content

Friday, February 29, 2008

6:08PM - Married = Slave

Well, Sarah and I got married yesterday. it was nice and small yet destroyed my nerves. Was nervous as hell. Right now were chilling in Joplin, MO right now and heading back to Oklahoma in a few hours. I dont know if im gonna have the money to fly back to Oregon while im back but we'll see. I got my cell phone working again so call me. If you dont remember my number its 503-756-0529.

Current mood: good

Monday, January 28, 2008

1:03AM - Still Alive

Alright, alright. Im still alive, sheesh. So certain people, you know who you are, can stop worrying and flooding my email/myspace with tears of fear. I am in fact still here, with no small amount of luck, mind you. Been super busy doing super dangerous thingys. Part of why i havent updated lately is the loss of three of my buddies on an operation we were on. We were air assaulting in when my bird started taking fire. Their bird landed so that they could attack the guys shooting at us. When they got on the ground they were ambushed. My bird dropped myself and several others off about a kilometer away. We ran the whole way to their position to support them. When i arrived, two were dead already and one really close.
In the end those three died, though i managed to keep one alive for a while with the help of my guys. One of those who died was my roommate. He was a great and unique individual. They all were.
We are all moving on. Were, mostly, on the tail end of the grieving process. Im feeling much better now than i was.


Anyways, on a brighter side, ill be home for a bit in a few weeks. Hopefully ill have enough money to stop by oregon.

Well, got to get goin. Hit me up sometime guys, and for gods sake, im still friggin alive.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

2:31PM - Celebration Bitches!

hi all, long time no update. Things are alright here. Could be better, but could be worse. Its been a month since my buddies got killed, but im actually over it for the most part. Im excited, ill be back in the states on R&R in a month. Be getting married soon and were already house shopping. Not much else here new. Iraq is the same old garbage dump it was last time i was here. im gonna try to stop by Oregon for a few days while im back, so hit me up if you wanna chill.

Friday, November 2, 2007

1:12AM - Soldier Interrupted

So here i am...in a mental hospital in Balad. Living in a prison would be kinder. At least there no one puts on a fake face of caring and interest. Their talking about pulling me off combat operations, when thats when i feel most alive. I feel more at home on the streets of iraq, than i do in the safety of our base.
I share this prison with other soldiers from other units, some who need to be here more than myself, and some who act like they have problems out of immaturity and selfishness. I wanna hit them. The meds they gave me dont help. I sleep less now than i did before. I yell more, and ignore orders and appointments. I wonder if these people really know what there doing.
Im amazed at myself regularly for what comes out of me during classes. Stuff i didnt know i had inside. Still, i dont belong here. Im not crazy. You see and do what ive done and tell me your fine afterwards. These people think they can help me but they sit here on a huge base, with pizza huts and burger kings on it, and never see combat, never leave the wire, and they treat me this way. I wonder if they even remember how to fire their damned weapons. I wonder how many times they've been shot at or blown up by IEDs, or how many dead bodies they've encountered. Goddamned pogues.
I cant wait to leave this place.

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